English Language Tutor Program

What is it?

The program is a service for international students who wish to be paired up with a volunteer from the University in order to improve their language skills and knowledge of Canadian customs

  • International students experience a mix of emotions upon entering a new country and a new academic system

  • The English Tutor Program is a service designed to improve your language skills

  • You will be paired with a student volunteer

  • Our primary focus is conversational English, but tutors also assist students with

    • Reading

    • Writing

    • Grammar

    • Pronunciation

    • Vocabulary

How To Apply?


To be paired up with an English Language Tutor:

Click here to fill out the online application form. Note that you will be contacted if there is a volunteer available to match you with. 


To become an English Language Tutor:

 Please click here to complete the online application.

Need More Information?

Email international@uleth.ca for more information.