Admission Grade Point Average (GPA)

These are the most recent GPA chart 2015.pdf required by major for admission to the Faculty of Education.

Please note that GPA's will change each year and the attached document should only be used as a guideline. Please contact the office of Student Program Services in the Faculty of Education for additional admission inquiries.

U of L Education 2500 students receive a boost to their admission GPA if they are deemed “Highly Recommended.” The posted GPA reflects any additional boost.

* These majors require supplemental documents for admission and the student may be given a boost to their admission GPA. The posted minimum GPA reflects any boost that a student may receive.

Special Case Admission

 For further information about "Special Case Admission"  (pdf) please contact us.

Aboriginal Special Case Admission

For further information about  "Aboriginal Special Case Admission" (doc) please contact us.

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