Research for Urban & Regional Studies

Faculty and Research

Faculty members from a range of different departments and disciplines are involved in research related to Urban and Regional Studies. Many involve involve undergraduate students in their research projects, employ udergraduates as research assistants, and involve undergraduate and graduate students in research dissemination. The Urban and Regional Studies Program has generally been administered through a Program Coordinator housed in the Department of Geography, but membership of the Program Advisory Committee includes faculty from other departments as well as professional planners working in both the public and private sectors.

Current Research and Areas of Interest

  • Social Segregation in Canadian Cities
  • Neighbourhood Change
  • Urban Inequality
  • Gendered & Raced Urban Spaces
  • Sport, Leisure & Urban Redevelopment
  • Urban & Rural Emergency Management
  • Immigration to Alberta’s Third Tier Centres
  • Industrial Restructuring Dynamics
  • Community & Governance in Java
  • Urban Space in South & Southeast Asia
  • Experiential Dimensions of Cities
  • Differences in Urban and Rural Well-Being
  • Regional Employment Diversity
  • Comparative Urban Systems
  • Affordable Housing Issues
  • Community & Social Capital
  • Oral Histories & Urban Change
  • Privatization of Urban Space
  • Economies of First Nations’Ancient History and Archaeology
  • Sustainable Planning
  • Impacts of Demographic Change on Cities