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Geography deals with some of the most exciting issues on Earth. It studies the interaction between human beings and the global environment and the resulting problems and opportunities. The Department of Geography at the University of Lethbridge offers a unique multidisciplinary experience by combining the fields of Archaeology, Environmental Science, and Geography into one department

Students have the opportunity to study in areas such as: Archaeology, Environmental Science, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Remote Sensing, and Urban and Regional Studies. We also offer concentrations in GIS, and combined or multidiciplinary degrees. Click on the icons above for more information about our programs.

Department Highlights

PUBlic Professor Series: 5 Minute Edition

In celebration of the grand opening of the Science and Academic Building, the University of Lethbridge will bring together an assembly of influential and emerging researchers, our faculty members, for a fast and furious version of our very successful PUBlic Professor Series.

The PUBlic Professor Series: 5-minute Edition, is designed to showcase the diversity of research interests within the University in an entertaining format. Each professor will have five minutes and 15 PowerPoint slides to do a presentation on their research. The slides will automatically advance every 20 seconds, requiring the speaker to keep pace.

FREE. Everyone welcome. Seating is limited so arrive early.

Friday, September 13, 2019
Science & Academic Building (SAB) Auditorium (SA8002)

James Banting FMA

Diverse skill set aids geography graduate Banting in professional career

Geography deals with some of the most exciting issues on Earth. It studies the interaction between human beings and the global environment and the resulting problems and opportunities.

For geography alumnus James Banting (BSc ’09, MSc ’16), the University of Lethbridge was the environment he needed to discover his passion. Banting bounced around between a few programs in his first year before he decided what kind of degree he truly wanted to pursue. He started with general science, looked at political science and finally settled on geography. Perhaps his childhood fascination with National Geographic maps played a role in the decision? Nevertheless, it was the University’s liberal education approach that allowed him to explore these opportunities.

“I was also able to meet some very smart and interesting people through my studies, student groups and extracurricular activities which has helped immensely in my professional career,” says Banting.

U of L researcher part of team to study migration through the lens of refugee experience

How have current stories of migration been shaped by longer histories of borders and displacement? What can the experiences of those crossing the Canada-U.S. border tell us about the history of Canada and the U.S.?

These are some of the questions driving a new project, Remembering Refuge: Between Sanctuary and Solidarity, that will build a digital oral history archive of the Canada-U.S. border as recounted by refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Haiti.

The project, led by Dr. Julie Young, Grace Wu and Johanna Reynolds, is supported by a grant from the National Geographic Society and will be carried out in partnership with the Department of Geography at the University of Lethbridge.


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