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Biochemistry is the study of all living systems at the molecular level. It looks at the chemical and physical basis of life and how these living systems interact with their environments.

The Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Biological Sciences jointly offer a multi-disciplinary major in Biochemistry for the 40-course Bachelor of Science (BSc). You can also select a General Major in the Sciences and choose Biochemistry courses as options.

The Biochemistry program will help you develop a strong background in the basic sciences and extensive laboratory skills. Thereby, the biochemistry program provides background for a diverse range of careers in the life sciences, including professional programs such as medicine and veterinary medicine. 

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is home to many advanced instruments which enable cutting-edge research. These tools include nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), infra-red, Raman, UVvisible, atomic absorption spectrometers, macromolecular x-ray diffractometer, isothermal titration calorimeter, and a surface plasmon resonance spectrometer.

Program Highlights


Lethbridge iGEM teams hit the ground running

The University of Lethbridge iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) teams are once again demonstrating their innovative spirit.

The collegiate team is attempting an ambitious project inspired by the works of Banting and Best, the researchers who were the first to extract and administer insulin in 1922, later selling their patent to the University of Toronto for a dollar.

Now, almost a century later, diabetes mellitus affects approximately eight per cent of the global population and the price of insulin is soaring. The collegiate team aims to democratize insulin production as an oral alternative in recombinant microalgae. Their project designs have already been validated by GeekStarter, who awarded them $2,000 for demonstrating the think-design-test cycle for lean start-ups. 

RNA Innovation

New NSERC program links RNA research and industry partners

The next revolution in biotechnology will be rationally designed ribonucleic acid (RNA)-based systems, molecular machines and devices. To prepare the next generation of RNA researchers, the University of Lethbridge, Université de Sherbrooke and industry collaborators have come together to offer the new RNA Innovation program. This unique partnership aims to produce highly qualified personnel with skills in advanced RNA research, scientific leadership, and industry experience.

Applications for the RNA Innovation program are open until September 10, 2019 at 11:59 pm MST. Students currently enrolled or accepted into graduate studies are encouraged to apply. Students accepted into RNA Innovation can commence their studies in January 2020. For more information, visit the RNA Innovation website linked below.

Let's Talk Science

Igniting southern Alberta students for science

More than 100 Grade 6–8 students caused the University of Lethbridge’s largest lecture hall to vibrate with energy during the first annual Let’s Talk Science Challenge on May 2. The students cheered and clapped in their excitement to participate in this competition.

“The students' engagement was remarkable and infectious," said Claire Niehaus, a volunteer with the Let’s Talk Science Program. "Throughout the entire day, they pushed each other and clearly enjoyed this competition. Their energy was almost too much to stand!”


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