Campus Life

Markin Hall construction a smooth process

Under budget and ahead of schedule – in the world of construction, it's like winning the lotto on back-to-back weekends.

Such is the case with Markin Hall, the new home for the Faculties of Management and Health Sciences. With occupants slated to be moving in the first week of May, the project is close to a month ahead of schedule. And even with a late redesign of a space that will now house the Health Sciences nursing skills lab, the project will check in under budget.

"The changes to accommodate the Health Sciences lab is a significant addition to the program," says Brian Sullivan, project manager.

"Even with this late redesign, we'll be slightly under budget when this project is over."

Built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver standards, Markin Hall features an impressive array of leading edge technologies that not only serve to create a better environment for users, but also aid in reducing the building's environmental imprint.

Direct digital control systems manage Markin's heating and cooling, while an emphasis on unique uses of windowing will introduce an abundance of natural light to the interior.

"The building has windows and clerestories that allow users with offices on the inside virtually as much light as users on the exterior," says Sullivan.

In-floor heating and cooling systems will help maintain optimal temperatures on the building's main floor.

"Basically, a hot and cold glycol mixture, depending on which time of the year it is, circulates through the main floor lobby providing a different type of heat for user comfort," says Sullivan.

Office heating and cooling has also been redesigned with user comfort the foremost concern.

"Most offices you see have ventilation openings in the ceiling and they blow air down that can either be hot or cold and feel breezy to users," explains Sullivan. "The displacement ventilation system we're using actually has the ventilation opening in the wall and at floor level. It's not as pressurized as the typical system and should provide significant differences to users in terms of personal comfort in the offices."

Once the building is complete, the entire area will receive a landscaping facelift with an emphasis on creating more green space on campus.

"One of the interesting and additional features Markin Hall will provide is a quad area, a significant park on the north face of the facility," says Sullivan. "Once the building is complete we'll embark on a development of what used to be the old sports field and turn that into some form of park and leisure area."