May 14, 2021

U of L In The News

Reconciliation is an issue involving everyone, SACPA told

Don McIntyre says Canadians think of ‘reconciliation’ as a noun when it’s actually a verb.

Better learning environment for queer students the focus of new U of L board teaching chair

Dr. Suzanne Lenon to produce a manual called ‘Teaching Beyond the Gender Binary,’ for use by faculty members and instructors

Livestock help reduce food waste

Scientists determine that feeding cattle things like hailed-out crops and food processing byproducts avoids wasting food

Can incentives help vaccine hesitancy? Experts say it’s a short-term solution

In Alberta, the University of Lethbridge turned the incentive strategy into a contest.

New cohorts for U of L management students

The Dhillon School of Business is introducing DSB Edge student cohorts for first-year management students starting in the fall

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