2010 student research awards (graduate)

(Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council)

Kent Aardse, English (literature, American – literary movements) $17,500
Jeffrey Doherty, Arts & Science (environmental history) $17,500
Deanna Forrester, Psychology & Neuroscience (sexology) $17,500
Michael Frank, Native American Studies (interdisciplinary studies) $17,500
Lindsey Garner-Knapp, Anthropology (interdisciplinary studies) $17,500
Vanessa Hanel, Management (marketing) $17,500
Ainslee Kimmel, Education (psychology) $17,500
Danille Lazzaretto-Green, Education (counselling) $17,500
Kasey-Leigh Martin, Management (management-business-administrative Studies) $17,500
Michelle Morris, History (natural resources geography) $17,500
Patrick O'Sullivan, Management (business ethics) $17,500
Kelly Pasolli, Political Science (political science) $17,500
James Stanger, Anthropology (cultural anthropology) $17,500
Lorraine Nicol, Geography (resource management) $35,000 (3 years)

(Alberta Ingenuity Fund)

Chad Laing, Chemistry & Biochemistry (molecular biology) $7,000 (3 years)
Cassandra Churchill, Chemistry & Biochemistry (physical chemistry) $7,000
Kimberley Dohm, Biological Sciences (biological sciences) $26,000 (3 years)

(Alberta Innovates: Health Solutions)

Jenni Karl, Neuroscience (neuroscience) $20,000
Daniela Schwindel, Neuroscience (neuroscience) $20,000
Fraser Sparks, Neuroscience (neuroscience) $20,000

(Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada)

Jessica Erickson, Biological Sciences (genetics)
Andrew Hudson, Biological sciences (molecular biology) $17,500
Cassandra Churchill, Chemistry & Biochemistry (physical chemistry) $25,000
Benjamin Ireland, Chemistry & Biochemistry (inorganic chemistry) $35,000 (3 years)
Chad Laing, Chemistry & Biochemistry (molecular biology) $21,000 (3 years)
Evan Mercier, Chemistry & Biochemistry (biochemistry) $35,000 (2 years)
Jennifer Przybylski, Chemistry & Biochemistry (physical chemistry) $21,000 (3 years)
Anthony Schmieder, Mathematics & Computer Science (information technology) $17,500
Mark Thom, Mathematics & Computer Science (pure mathematics) $17,500
Gregory Christie, Neuroscience (cognitive science, fundamental) $17,500 (3 years)
Erin Zelinski, Neuroscience (neurophysiology) $21,000 (3 years)
April Dawn Takahashi, Psychology (psychology) $17,500


Will Warnock


Cassandra Churchill, Chemistry & Biochemistry (physical chemistry) $15,000
Linda Lait, Biological Sciences (biological sciences) $15,000
Sandeep Mishra, Evolution & Behaviour (evolution and behaviour) $20,000
Douglas Vanderlaan, Evolution & Behaviour (evolution and behaviour) $20,000