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Exam accommodations require a minimum of seven (7) days notice.

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Accommodated Learning Centre 
4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 3M4

B760, University Hall
Phone: 403-329-2766

Exam Accommodations

Exam accommodations are the most accessed accommodation at the Accommodated Learning Centre. Depending on documentation and individual need, students may recieve the following: Separate/private location, audio format, extended time, access to word processor, etc.

For questions regarding Exam accommodations, procedures and scheduling, please contact our Svitlana Payant at 403-394-3949 or

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Learning Strategies

Having trouble managing your time? Wondering how to study more effectively? Learning Strategies are offered by both the Accommodated Learning Centre and the Student Success Centre. While the ALC only offers these tutorials to students registarted with the ALC, The Student Success Centre offers this service to all students.

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Specialized Supports

The Accommodated Learning Centre offers registered students access to Specialized Supports including assistive technology, Tutors, Strategists, Notetakers and Educational Assistants that may be needed in order to achieve success in their academic program.  To book a consultation with our Specialized Support Coordinator, please contact Aaron Tamayose at 403-329-2194 or

Find out more at Assistive Technologies.

Funding Information

The Accommodated Learning Centre offers a range of services to accommodate our students with their learning needs. Many service costs can be covered by government grants depending on eligibility.

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External Examinations

Invigilation of examinations from external institutions is available at the University of Lethbridge thru the Accommodated Learning Centre.  If you would like to book an exam or have questions about invigilation services and availability, please contact Dale Pulvermacher at 403-394-3967 or

We require two weeks notice to schedule invigilation of an exam, please see our policy for further details.