Sleeping Child Creek

Leaving Stevensville in the morning, Colonel Gibbon camped near the junction of Sleeping Child and Old Darby roads on August 5.

We had up to this time been passing regularly Indian camping grounds, which showed that they were moving at the rate of about 12 or 14 miles a day; so that if we could continue to double the distance, the question of overtaking the enemy was simply one of time.... It was observed, also, that the teepee-poles, always left standing in their camps, were collected each night for temporary purposes, and no signs of teepee-poles nor travois for wounded were seen on the trail.

Col. John Gibbon
September 30, 1877

General Howard's cavalry camped here the night of August 9. The next day, in an effort tb reach Gibbon, Howard made fifty-three miles.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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