When they returned to Otter Creek,

We hollowed a couple times, but received no answer. Then rode into camp and found that the boys had got away in a hurry by the things were laying around promiscuously ... They, the boys, did not take time to take their ouffits or anything except their clothes they had on their backs. The Reds did not want the shot-guns, so they smashed them around the trees so as to make them unfit for further use. They took what they needed in shape of blankets, tents, provisions, saddles and fourteen head of horses. What they did not want, they put on the fire and burned up. They gave the boys a complete surprise.

Andrew Weikert

Weikert and Wilkie immediately headed for Mammoth Hot Springs, hoping to find their friends there.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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