Fort Lapwai

... So long as Joseph and his band remain in the Im-na-ha Valley, and visit the Wallowa Valley for hunting, fishing, and grazing for only a short time in each year, we recommend a speedy military occupancy of the valley by an adequate force to prevent a recurrence of past difficulties between the whites and the Indians. Meanwhile the agent of the Nez Perces should continue his efforts to settle these Indians in severalty upon the land of the reservation that are still vacant...

Unless they should conclude to settle quietly ... within a reasonable time in the judgement of the department, they should then be placed by force upon the Nez Perce reservation....

If these Indians overrun land belonging to the whites and commit depredations upon their property, disturb the peace by threats or otherwise, or commit any other overt act of hostility, we recommend the employment of sufficient force to bring them into subjection, and to place them upon the Nez Perce reservation.

The Indian agent [Monteith] at Lapwai should be fully instructed to carry into execution those suggestions, relying at all times upon the department commander [Howard] for aid when necessary.

Nez Perce Commission
December 1, 1876



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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