Agility is a student-centered program with a focus on innovation and social, economic, and political impact, including entrepreneurial spirit. The program draws across all disciplines and all Faculties, with a focus on projects that provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students. Agility is designed to assist students in developing their creativity, ideas, and skills. Agility helps students achieve greater heights throughout their education through three main supports:

  1. Programming
  2. Financial Support
  3. Infrastructure



Agility offers various learning experiences both on-campus and off-campus. Agility offers courses, workshops, tours, and other initiatives.


  • Lib. Ed. 3850: Themes in Innovation
  • Applied Studies
  • Co-op


  • Design Thinking
  • Lego Serious Play
  • 3D Printing with a Purpose
  • Outreach workshops
  • Others


  • Local businesses
  • Local farms
  • Local community based projects
  • Others

Other Initiatives

  • Small & Family Business Summit
  • Lunch & Learns


Financial Support

Agility is 100% donor funded, and Agility’s donors want to see U of L students succeed. Awards offered through Agility include:

  • Agility Fellowships for Undergraduate & Graduate Students
  • Agility Innovation Fund
  • Bruce McKillop Leaders of Tomorrow Award
  • Cor Van Raay Award in Agriculture

For more information on Agility funding, please visit



There are times when traditional study spaces on campus do not provide the right space or the right tools for a project. Agility has helped create three innovative learning spaces across campus for students to build and create:


Do you have any questions?

Contact Agility via if you have any questions about student supports.