Rapid Response Protocol

Actions to take if you become ill during or following attendance at work or class activities


WITH THE uLethbridge Safe APP OR THE

If you answer "YES" to any "Daily Health Check" questions:

  2. Notify your supervisor (students - notify your instructors for class that day) that you are ill and are self-isolating at home.
  3. Call Health Link 811. Complete the online Alberta Health Services (AHS) COVID-19 Self-Assessment. Follow AHS instructions for testing, self-isolating and medical care.
  4. Completing the “Daily Health Check” (with the uLethbridge Safe app or Being on Campus Registry) will notify Campus Safety. You will be contacted and provided with further direction and support.
  5. Daily Health Checks can also be used to report changes in health status for all persons granted campus access, even if you are not presently on campus but have participated in-person work or class activities.


If ill with COVID-19 symptoms during in-person work or class activities:

  1. If ill with major symptoms (i.e. extreme shortness of breath), call 911 and inform of possible COVID-19 infection and symptoms. DO NOT GO TO ANY MEDICAL CLINIC (including on-campus Health Centre) for care. Inform Security Services (403) 329-2345 (campus first aid responders).
  2. If ill with lesser symptoms, sanitize hands, put on a mask, isolate within a closed room and make arrangements to go home.
  3. Ensure that you have notified your supervisor or instructor.
  4. Leave campus as soon as possible, taking care not to contact others.
  5. Complete the AHS COVID-19 Self-Assessment. Call Health Link 811. Follow AHS instructions for testing, self-isolation and medical care.
    • Ideally, you should use your own vehicle to return home. If not, self-isolate (close door to office/area, wash/sanitize your hands, don a non-surgical mask, use respiratory etiquette) and arrange for transportation i.e. call friends, family or taxi, informing them of suspected COVID symptoms. Ensure all wear masks and vehicle is sanitized after use.
    • Do not use public transportation (such as bus). Contact Security Services at (403) 329-2345 and request assistance with transportation if you cannot get safely home.
    • If you do not have an office or area to self-isolate while awaiting transportation, contact Security Services at (403) 329-2345 and advise that you require a self-isolation room while awaiting transportation to go home.
  6. Your supervisor or instructor will arrange for cleaning/disinfection and reporting. You will also be contacted for follow up care and to obtain relevant information.

If you have been identified by AHS as a close contact and were participating with in-person work or class activities:

  1. Do not access campus.
  2. Follow AHS instructions for testing, self-isolation and medical care.
  3. Notify your supervisor or instructor and they will submit an online Safety Report. Campus Safety will conduct follow-up actions.




Must do the following when notified by a worker or student experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or is confirmed positive COVID-19 case:

  1. Call the appropriate Rapid Response Contacts and provide as much information as possible (i.e. verify if   student/employee has reported through daily health check (using uLethbridge Safe app or Being on Campus Registry); identify dates and locations last on campus; identify close contacts).

  2. If after hours or if a timely contact with a Rapid Response Contact cannot be made, supervisors/instructors are encouraged to enter an online safety incident report.

  3. If ill person is on campus (or has been on campus in previous 48 hours) submit an online Facilities Work Request for Caretaking to clean/disinfect affected work areas.

  4. If unable to complete the actions above, contact Security Services at (403) 329-2345.  Advise that the Rapid Response Protocol has been implemented and their assistance is needed.


Campus Safety, Wellness & Recognition/Health Centre, SRS, Athletics and Housing (as required)

  1. Rapid Response Contacts will conduct follow up with ill employee,  student, or member of public to provide ongoing support, request relevant information and will submit an online safety incident report.  

  2. All ill persons will be advised to call Health Link 811 and follow AHS advice for testing, self-isolation and medical care. 

  3. Contact tracing for positive test results will be initiated by the Rapid Response Contacts (or AHS, if applicable).

  4. Upon receipt of a Safety Incident Report or other internal notification, Campus Safety will review actions taken and coordinate reporting with President’s Executive Council, affected University personnel, AHS and/or Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), if required.


Security Services

  1. Security Services will close off area the ill person has been in contact with by posting temporary closure signage.

  2. Security Services will provide first aid assistance, if required. The ill person will be asked to sanitize their hands and don a face mask. If the ill person has symptoms that require medical attention, Security will call 911.
  3. It is preferable for the ill person to leave campus with their own vehicle. If required, Security will assist with transportation options:

    • If ill person does not have own vehicle, they may call family/ friends, or a taxi may be used if both ill person and taxi driver are masked and agree. The U of L Transportation of Injured/Ill Persons Procedures must be followed.

    • If transportation is delayed and ill person cannot self-isolate, Security will escort/direct to an approved isolation room/area where they can safely wait.

  4. Security will contact Caretaking to clean/disinfect the area once the ill person has left campus (if required).


Students in Residence

Housing Services - on call Residence Assistant (RA)


Faculty & Staff

Wellness & Recognition (HR)




Health Centre Clinic





Sports & Recreation Services (SRS)



Security Services