Welcome practitioners!

There will be three consecutive Saturday workshops devoted to practitioner experiences on the following topics: 

  • Cyberbullying: Promoting Online Citizenship in the 21st Century, moderated by Dr. Robin Bright and Dr. Mary Dyck. 
  • What is cyber-bullying? Who is involved? Where does it occur? Why do students cyber-bully? In addition to answering these questions, this workshop examines the impacts of cyber-bullying. It also considers what we can do as friends, peers, student teachers, adults, police, and communities to tackle this important issue, while focusing on how we can teach online citizenship and personal responsibility.

  • Brain Development in Children and Teens, moderated by Dr. Robbin Gibb. 
  • This workshop explores how the environment affects brain development in children and teens. The discussion will focus on the science of epigenetics and how both positive and negative early experiences modulate brain development and developmental outcomes for youth. It will also look at practical approaches for improving developmental trajectories. 

  • Traditional Perspectives on Aboriginal Youth, moderated by Tanya Pace Crosschild. 
  • Aboriginal youth have a higher rate of suicide, incarceration, alcohol/drug abuse, and high school drop-outs than any other subgroup populations. The odds of dying a violent death before the age of 18 are 20 times higher than in the general population. Considering intergenerational effects of dispossessed parenting and historical trauma, this workshop examines traditional practices of working with Aboriginal youth as a means of guiding our children back to the 'Red Road'.

    Employees of non-profit organizations may contact us as for the possibility of reduced registration fees.