NMR Books

  • Title: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Author: Huettel, Song, McCarthy.
    Published: Sinauer ; New York : c2004.
    ISBN: 0878932887
  • Title: Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds 7th Ed
    Author: Silverstein, Webster, Kiemle
    Published: Wiley ; New York : c2005.
    ISBN: 9780471393627
  • Title: High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry
    Author: Timothy Claridge
    Published: Elsevier Science ; New York : c1999.
    ISBN: 0080427987
  • Title: 200 and more NMR experiments : a practical course
    Author: Braun, Berger.
    Published: Wiley-VCH ; New York : VCH, c1998.
    ISBN: 3527310673
  • Title: Basic One- and Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy
    Author: Friebolin.
    Published: Wiley-VCH ; New York : VCH, c2005.
    ISBN: 3527312331
  • Title: Modern NMR Spectroscopy: A Guide for Chemists
    Author: Sanders, Hunter.
    Published: Oxford University Press ; New York : c1993.
    ISBN: 9780198555674
  • Title: Understanding NMR Spectroscopy
    Author: James Keeler.
    Published: Wiley ; New York : c2005.
    ISBN: 9780470017869
  • Title: Protein NMR spectroscopy : principles and practice 2nd Ed.
    Author: Cavanagh, Fairbrother, Palmer, Rance, Skelton.
    Published: Academic Press ; San Diego : c2007.
    ISBN: 9780121644918
  • Title: Spin Dynamics: Basics of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 2nd Ed.
    Author: Malcolm Levitt
    Published: Wiley ; New York : c2008.
    ISBN: 9780470511183
  • Title: Spin Choreography: Basic Steps in High Resolution NMR
    Author: Freeman, Ray,
    Published: Oxford University Press ; New York : c1999.
    ISBN: 0198504810
  • Title: Solid State NMR Spectroscopy
    Author: Melinda Duer
    Published: Blackwell ; c2002.
    ISBN: 0632053518
  • Title: Multidimensional Solid State NMR and Polymers
    Author: Schmidt-Rohr, Spiess.
    Published: Academic Press ; c1996.
    ISBN: 0126266301
  • Title: Principles of Magnetic Resonance 3rd Ed.
    Author: C. P. Slichter
    Published: Springer ; c1996.
    ISBN: 3540501576
  • Title: NMR of polymers
    Author: Bovey, Frank Alden, 1918-
    Mirau, Peter A.
    Published: San Diego : Academic Press, c1996.
    ISBN: 0121197654
  • Title: NMR of macromolecules : a practical approach
    Author: Roberts, G. C. K. (Gordon Carl Kenmure)
    Published: Oxford ; New York : IRL Press at Oxford University
    Press, c1993.
    ISBN: 0199632243
  • Title: CRC handbook of phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance data
    Author: Tebby, John C.,
    Published: Boca Raton : CRC Press, c1991.
    ISBN: 0849335310
  • Title: Nitrogen-15 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
    Author: Levy, George C.
    Lichter, Robert L.
    Published: New York : Wiley, c1979.
    ISBN: 0471029548
  • Title: Handbook of high resolution multinuclear NMR
    Author: Brevard, C. (Christian)
    Granger, P. (Pierre)
    Published: New York : Wiley, c1981.
    ISBN: 0471063231
  • Title: Dynamic NMR spectroscopy
    Author: Sandström, J.
    Published: London ; New York : Academic Press, 1982.
    ISBN: 0126186200
  • Title: Applications of dynamic NMR spectroscopy to organic chemistry
    Author: Oki, Michinori, 1928-
    Published: Deerfield Beach, FL : VCH Publishers, c1985.
    ISBN: 0895731207
  • Title: Dynamic nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
    Author: Jackman, Lloyd Miles.
    Cotton, F. Albert (Frank Albert), 1930-
    Published: New York : Academic Press, 1975.
    ISBN: 0123788501