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Don Vanden Berg (BASc (BSc) '68)

In 1989, The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association established their Alumnus of the Year Award to recognize those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in their chosen field, or achieved international reputation in their field.

Described as one of the world’s premier theorists in stellar evolution, Dr. Vanden Berg exemplifies aspirations of many University of Lethbridge alumni.

Originally from Foremost, Alberta, Dr. Vanden Berg began his career as a member of the University’s first graduating class. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the U of L in 1968, then went on to study astronomy at the University of Victoria. His Master of Science from the University of Victoria was followed in 1978 by a Ph.D. in Stellar Astrophysics from the Australian National University of Canberra, and a year of Post-Doctoral work at Yale University.

 Now an Associate Professor at the University of Victoria, Dr. Vanden Berg’s work has recently been recognized with two major research awards. In 1988, he was presented with the B.C. Science Council’s Gold Medal. This year he won the E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship, the most prestigious research award in Canada. By creating a computer model which calculates a star’s age from it’s brightness and mass, Dr. Vanden Berg has developed a practical tool which enables astronomers to more precisely determine the age of star clusters. It is the Vanden Berg ages for stars that are quoted as worldwide standards.

The Alumni Association of The University of Lethbridge is honoured to have Alumnus of the Year, Dr. Don Vanden Berg, among its many distinguished members.