WebCT Test Centre Guidelines

In order to provide students with an environment that is most conducive to exam writing, the following guidelines have been developed.

Permissible Items
Students will be allowed to bring in a pen or pencil.

Inadmissible Items
Hats, coats, bags, snacks and drinks are not permitted. Valuables may be left at the front of the room. Some locker storage may be available as a courtesy.

Special Case Items
Calculators, electronic dictionaries, class notes, and other reference materials may be brought into the testing center ONLY with the professor's express permission.

Items Provided For All Exams
In addition to their sign-in sheet, students will be provided with additional sheets of paper to used as scrap. They will also have access to a built-in Windows calculator.

Cell Phones
Cell phones must be turned off before entering the testing area.

Students are seated at the invigilator's discretion.

Unruly Behaviour
Students who disrupt others will be asked to leave.