Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Women & Gender Studies at the University of Lethbridge

Women & Gender Studies courses are at the forefront of innovative thinking about gender relations and sexuality. We teach from a critical perspective that directly contributes to knowledge nationally and beyond.

We seek answers to questions about the formation and expression sexuality and gender identities, study the history of social exclusion and inequalities based in cultural, racial, and religious affiliations, and debate today’s issues that will shape our future: migration and refugee crises, dynamics of changing marriage and family laws and practices, and issues of law and human rights.

Our faculty is vibrant; we are engaged in exciting research and committed to diversity of students. Our courses address many topics from introductory courses on women’s bodies and rights to upper level courses on politics, family and kinship, women’s cinema, queer theory to sexuality and religion, to name just a few.

Our teaching practices range from project-based courses, through courses in the community working with archives and activist groups, fieldwork courses abroad to traditional lectures and film-based studies.

Women and Gender Studies is a force for social and legal change. Students graduating from our program will have skills to shape society by being prepared for diverse careers: social work, education, public service, nonprofit sector, law, commerce and industry.

To meet these goals we offer a balance between courses that prepare students for practical experience in communities with teaching foundations for advanced studies. We welcome the participation of all students.

Dr. Jo-Anne Fiske
Chair, Women & Gender Studies
University of Lethbridge