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Taking Academic Classes

Can I take additional classes while on a work term?

With prior permission from the Co-op coordinator and employer, students may be permitted to complete one academic course while on a Co-op Work term. This may involve applying for Visiting Student Status. Interested students should consult with a Co-op Coordinator.


Students interested in applying for Visiting Student Status while on a Co-op Work Term should be aware that the application process could be lengthy (up to 6 weeks).

Please contact your Academic Advising office for more information.

Co-op Designation

Students must complete all degree requirements plus at least three semesters of work terms to graduate with the Co-operative Education designation.

Students who have completed degree requirements, but not the minimum three work terms, will be awarded their degree without the Co-operative Education designation. Any work terms completed are recorded on the student's transcript and should be added to your resume as related work experience.

Work terms will show on the Student's transcript as follows:

ASCI 3011 - Co-op Work Experience I
ASCI 3012 - Co-op Work Experience II
ASCI 3013 - Co-op Work Experience III
ASCI 3014 - Co-op Work Experience IV
ASCI 3015 - Co-op Work Experience V
ASCI 3016 - Co-op Work Experience VI


How do I apply to graduate? Click here.

Students who intend to withdraw their application for graduation should note that the withdrawal deadlines are as follows:

May Convocation: April 30
October Convocation: August (last day of classes for SSIII)