How To Apply

Program Requirements

To join the Co-op program, you must first apply online. Once you have applied you will receive details on how to register and participate in the mandatory co-op sessions.

Please note that, at the discretion of a co-op coordinator, you may be required to complete additional tasks (not listed here) before being fully admitted into the program.

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Co-op Session I: Introduction to Co-op

Length: 2 hours

This is an introduction to the Co-op program. In this two hour session you will learn how to identify and categorize the skills you already possess, to make informed choices about your academic training and establish the basics for professional development. Co-op student ambassadors may be on hand to answer questions and share stories about their experiences in the program.

Note: This session is a prerequisite for Session II, and will require you to complete and upload assignments prior to registering for Session II.

Co-op Session II: Application Packages

Length: 3 hours
Prerequisite: Session I

Part lecture and part working session, you will apply your skills assessment training by beginning work on your application packages with Career Bridge instructors and staff. This will include decoding job postings, resume and cover letter writing. Post-session, you will have an opportunity to meet a coordinator to discuss your personal goals, aspirations, and interests. Successful completion of both Session I and II, attending coordinator meeting, and submission of all required documentation is required for admission to the program and access to the private job board.


Students in Management programs must participate in co-op workshop I & II, as well as participate in an intake appointment prior to being considered for acceptance into the Co-op program. Once you have applied to co-op, you will receive an email on how to register for co-op workshops, and it will be updated on your Career Bridge portal dashboard.

Please note that, at the discretion of a co-op coordinator, you may be required to complete additional tasks (not listed here) before being fully admitted into the program.

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Workshop I: Co-op Essentials for Success

Length: 2 hours

This mandatory workshop covers topics such as:

  • Co-operative Education and you
  • Program guidelines and release form
  • How to access and use the job board
  • Deconstructing job postings and targeting documents
  • Creating resumes and articulating skills, strengths and experiences
  • Writing cover letters
  • Next steps in the co-op process


Workshop II: Networking and Interview Essentials

Length: 2 hours
Prerequisite: Workshop I

This is a mandatory workshop, unless you are approved by your co-op coordinator to bypass this step based on previous experience and/or interview training. It is required that you complete this workshop by the end of the semester for which you register in the program. You will be removed from the co-op job board until this has been completed.

Networking and interview skills are essential for success in being hired by employers. Are you prepared?

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • How to network and have more confident conversations with employers
  • What to expect at a formal job interview
  • How to prepare for behavioural descriptive interview questions, situational questions and more
  • How to brainstorm and prepare responses to questions you may be asked
  • How to research companies and provide relevant information
  • How to manage your nerves and stay calm


Intake Meeting

At the intake/follow-up meeting, you and a co-op coordinator will:

  • Discuss your co-op goals and career path vision
  • Review your post-workshop resume and provide feedback for improvement
  • Determine ways to build your experience
  • View the website to apply for a Co-op Work Permit (international students only)
  • Review next step of attending an interview essentials and networking workshop


Arts and Science Graduate Students may be accepted into the Co-op program in the first semester of their graduate program, and are therefore encouraged to apply to the Co-op program upon starting their graduate studies. Prior to admission into the Co-op program, graduate students are required to attend an intake appointment, receive and complete a Graduate Supervisor Approval Form, and attend co-op session I and II. The criteria for admission include:

  1. Admission to a Master of Arts or Master of Science program
  2. Grade point average and academic standing
  3. A resume and application form
  4. A personal interview
  5. Approval of the student’s graduate thesis supervisor, in consultation with the School of Graduate Studies and the Co-operative Education Office

Before the start of each work term, students must complete the Request for Course Change form and have it signed by their Supervisor, Department Chair and the Faculty Dean. This is an online fillable form that must be printed, signed, and submitted to the relevant Faculty Dean's Office no later than the last day of add/drop in a given semester.

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