Dr. Louise Barrett


            Dr. Louise Barrett is the Tier I Canada Research Chair in Cognition, Evolution, and Behaviour. Dr. Barrett studies the social behaviour and cognition of humans and other primates to explore the evolutionary and developmental origins of behavioural flexibility, and the ability to cope with environmental change. 

            When asked how her CRC research can be connected with students in the classroom, Dr. Barrett explains, “My research informs all of my teaching… Placing human behaviour in its broader comparative perspective really helps students appreciate what makes our species so distinctive, as well as showing that humans are very much a part of nature; it’s important to see that we share a kinship with the rest of the natural world. Through independent and applied studies, students also get the opportunity to become involved in the actual research themselves, in conjunction with my graduate students and post-docs.” All Barrett’s work is highly collaborative, and she encourages all her students and post-docs to cooperate with each other, and with her collaborators in both Canada and overseas, sharing data and ideas in ways that help develop new research questions, and spark new projects.

            This research continues to have an impact outside the world of academia, with Dr. Barrett stating, “our animal research has an influence in the conservation and animal welfare communities, while research on human fertility and reproductive decision-making is relevant to policy makers. The work in our lab has also been featured in a number of documentaries and other science communication initiatives designed to feed people’s curiosity about the natural world.”

            To connect with Dr. Barrett, and to find an updated list of recent publications, please follow the link below to the Uniweb profile.

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