Dr. Igor Kovalchuk

            Dr. Igor Kovalchuk has been a Tier I Board of Governors’ Research Chair since his appointment in 2007. Dr. Kovalchuk’s research studies genetic and epigenetic regulation of plant responses to stress, while also developing methods for improving plant transformation. As a researcher in epigenetics, epigenomics, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, plant biotechnology, and next generation sequencing, Dr. Kovalchuk has over 150 peer reviewed publications and holds ten patents.

            When asked how he ties the ongoing research into the classroom, Dr. Kovalchuk explains, “I teach courses in epigenetics and use my research as topics for discussion in class.” By providing students the opportunity to discuss ongoing and current findings, Dr. Kovalchuk helps students understand the forefront of biotechnology fields such as cannabis breeding and personalized medical cannabis approach, a growing field in Canada.

            Dr. Kovalchuk finds importance in commercializing his findings, stating, “my research is directly relevant to the area of plant biotech and medicinal properties of plants.” Employing more than twenty people, and founding two companies, Dr. Kovalchuk’s research has a clear impact on both academic, and nonacademic communities.

            To connect with Dr. Kovalchuk, and stay up to date on recent publications, please follow the Uniweb link below.

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