Board of Governors Chair in Teaching

The Board of Governors Chair in Teaching is a two-year position (with two-course relief per year). Candidates apply through the office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic). As part of the application, candidates submit a teaching-related proposal for the duration of their term.

Teaching Chairs serve on the Teaching Centre Advisory Council, including as Chair of the Council for the second year of their two-year term, and work with the Teaching Centre Council on its projects. One Teaching Chair is awarded per year.

BOG Teaching Chair Guidelines


The call for applications is sent out in October with submissions due January 15 annually.

The deadline for receipt of the completed electronic application package is: January 15, 2021 4:00pm to the Teaching Centre @
*Please contact the Teaching Centre for a personalized Outlook file folder to upload the application package.


Current Teaching Chairs

Board of Governors’ Teaching Chair 2020 – Dr. Ute Kothe (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Ute Kothe, a professor of biochemistry, believes that an effective teacher facilitates understanding, learning, well-being, and development of students. Accordingly, all her teaching activities provide students with active learning opportunities. In teaching undergraduate courses, Ute Kothe has adopted a flipped-classroom model placing student’s active engagement with the material at the center of each class. To further expand individualized, experiential learning opportunities for students, she trains many undergraduates in her biochemistry research group. Ute Kothe also has a passion for graduate student education and is supervising many M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. Recognizing the importance of science outreach, science communication, and professional skills development, Ute Kothe is leading the Let’s Talk Science Program at the UofL benefiting not only children and youth but also many undergraduate and graduate volunteers. Her commitment to strengthening the UofL teaching community is illustrated in her engagement as one of the first facilitators of Instructional Skills Workshops for faculty and instructors. For her dedication to teaching at multiple post-secondary levels, and her dedication to community involvement, The University of Lethbridge is proud to confer upon Ute Kothe the Board of Governors’ Teaching Chair.


Board of Governors’ Teaching Chair 2019 – Dr. Olu Awosoga

Olu Awosoga, an associate professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences, consistently seeks to improve the learning experience for his students. By refining his teaching approach and using multiple methods of engagement, he creates an environment that encourages empowerment and critical thinking. Specializing in statistical analysis, Awosoga instills confidence in his students despite the challenging and intimidating nature of the material. He is driven to be an effective educator and takes an active role in teaching initiatives across campus, translating what he learns into his own classroom. For his dedication to furthering the scholarship of teaching and his commitment to enhancing student success, the University of Lethbridge is proud to confer upon Olu Awosoga the Board of Governors’ Teaching Chair.


Past Recipients

2018 Anne Dymond (Art Department)
2017 Janay Nugent (History)
2016 David Slomp (Education)
2015 Lisa Doolittle (Fine Arts)
2014 Sheila McManus (History)
2013 Harold Jansen (Political Science)
2012 Lance Grigg (Education)
2011 Janice Newberry (Anthropology)
2010 Robin Bright (Education)
2009 Hillary Rodrigues (Religious Studies)
2008 Rick Mrazek (Education)
2007 Shelly Wismath (Mathematics and Computer Science)