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Recent Videos

In light of the fact that Canada has welcomed an average of approximately 235,000 landed immigrants each year since the 1990s, University of Lethbridge sociologist Dr. Abdie Kazemipur discusses how we can make our communities more welcoming for newcomers.

Dr. Bryan Kolb, a neuroscience researcher at the University of Lethbridge's Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience, discusses why stress can make a long-lasting and significant impact on brain development.

Dr. Erasmus Okine, University of Lethbridge Vice-President (Research), discusses the research around sustainable livestock production.

Let It Shine On will be a legacy for the U of L, capturing not only its humble beginnings but its ability to ignite the dreams of students in the years to come.

Amy Whipple (BA '07) used more than 30 pounds of butter, 90 cups of sugar and 150 eggs and spent more than 40 hours on perfecting her creation.

The kickoff to the U of L's 50th anniversary celebrations was attended by many former staff and faculty members, as well as countless alumni. Several of them stopped to share their favourite memories of the U of L.

On January 13 and 14, 2017, the University of Lethbridge community came together to kick-off our 50th anniversary celebrations. Here's some of the fun we had at Founders' Day Weekend!

The University of Lethbridge is excited to come together to celebrate all it has accomplished over the past 50 years, and, with a keen eye on the future, has established the Shine On: U of L 50th Anniversary Fund as a means to help the students of today become the leaders of tomorrow.

Take a tour of the Destination Project from a very unique perspective!

Friday evening saw alumni come from far and wide to celebrate in the achievements of a few special people in the alumni community. The Alumni Association presented it's inductees of the Alumni Honour Society with their certificates of recognition including the Honourable Mr.