Recent Community Videos

Recent Community Videos

The Destination Project uses innovative tools and technology to decrease costs and increase efficiency. We sat down PCL Construction Management and University project staff to find out how one initiative is making the construction process more sustainable.

An increased and accelerated investment of $125 million in Budget 2016 has allowed the University of Lethbridge to begin construction immediately on the Destination Project.

The Destination Project – a new science and academic building – will shape the future of the University of Lethbridge and southern Alberta.

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Acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Wendy Takeda has established an award that will be given annually to two graduate-level students in health sciences at the U of L.

The award will be known as the Elements Physical Therapy & Acupuncture Award.

It's time to shine.

University of Lethbridge faculty and staff are asking, "Why Give?"

Dr. Reginald Bibby asked the questions that are on everyone's mind at the PUBlic Professor Series lecture on Thursday, March 17, 2016, at Lethbridge City Hall.

Dr. Shawn Bubel discussed her archaeological research in southern Alberta at the PUBlic Professor Series on Thursday, February 25, 2016, at Lethbridge City Hall.

Dr. Harold Jansen explored how digital technology has transformed the process of democratic participation at the PUBlic Professor Series on Thursday, January 21, at Lethbridge City Hall.

When Dr. Jennifer Copeland answers emails from her stand-up computer desk, it’s because she knows the data and is at the forefront of what science is saying – prolonged sitting is a legitimate health risk, and something we’re learning more about every day.