Campus Life

UNews website up and running

The University of Lethbridge's Communications team is venturing into cyberspace with the introduction of UNews, a new vehicle through which they will present all the information that's relevant to the campus community.

The UNews concept was introduced in January and it combines the functionality of a daily news content site with video capability and a rotating banner that displays featured stories from the various corners of campus.

Prior to the introduction of UNews, the University had no official means of dispensing information on a timely basis. The "Current news" section allows the Communications team to give website users the latest on-campus happenings, everything from breaking stories such as campus closures to previews of athletic events, lectures and fine arts performances.

The "Featured Stories" section of the website is a rotating collection of stories gleaned from the various publications produced by the Communications team (such as the Legend, Community Report, Journal, FIAT and so on), as well as contributions from the various Faculties. These stories feature the people who are the fabric of the University of Lethbridge and their contributions to campus life. The video functionality, as well as podcast capability, will allow even more interactive presentations of information.

Check out UNews at