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U of L Calgary campus student earns Retail Council of Canada Scholarship

Dhillon School of Business student Lisa Nguyen received the good news in early May that she was awarded the 2018 Retail as a Career Scholarship from the Retail Council of Canada. This scholarship features financial assistance for university education, along with hotel and travel expenses to attend STORE 2018 in Toronto – Canada’s biggest retail conference, held in late May. The scholarship is awarded to students who are enrolled in a University program, who work in the retail industry, and who demonstrate commitment to the retail industry while distinguishing themselves as being innovative and knowledgeable about the future of shopping.

A marketing major, Lisa Nguyen got into the marketing industry thanks to her experience in the co-op program.

“Being chosen out of hundreds of applicants was unbelievable,” says Nguyen. “Being praised by a recognized organization and peers within my industry meant a lot to me. It also helped me validate some ideas I have had for retail and the field of marketing.”

A marketing major, Nguyen got into the marketing industry thanks to her experience in the co-op program.

“Joining the co-op program in the Fall of 2016, I wanted to gain some experience within my major. I decided that it was important to assess my interests and competence within the field.”

Just one month after joining co-op, Lisa earned a 12-month co-op position as an Advertising Purchasing Specialist with Canadian Tire, which ultimately led to her current position as an eMerchandising specialist within the digital/eCommerce team.

“Calgary Co-op Advisor, Doreen Kooy did everything that was possible to help me. I have never received so much career support in my life. Doreen was accessible, supportive and always there to help me when I was in need. Her experience within human resources and overall support will not be forgotten,” says Nguyen.

As she enters her final year of schooling at the uLethbridge Calgary campus, Nguyen plans to continue her journey in the digital marketing field and offers her advice to any Calgary campus student who might be on the fence about joining co-op.

“Don’t consider it an option, consider it an essential part of your education. I’ve convinced many people to pursue a work term. The work will not be writing emails and copying reports. I was immediately challenged and given the responsibilities and the autonomy to make things happen,” she says.

“It’s silly to not to do at least one work term. It is a time to openly explore different industries within your field while being able to learn new skills. Employers are open to supporting you with your career growth. I defined what I wanted from the employer and they were completely supportive of my growth and experiences. You will definitely become more marketable when you graduate! At the very least you will get to learn more about yourself and what you want from an employer.”