Supporting Our Students surpasses $1 million in funds raised

This year's Supporting Our Students campaign kicks off on a high note as co-chairs Debi Sandul and Robert Wood announce $1 million in support for students since the campaign's initial launch in 2005.

"This demonstrates an outstanding commitment on the part of faculty and staff to support our students," says Sandul. "In the last five years,
U of L employees have generously donated more than $1 million to Supporting Our Students, increasing funds for scholarships, bursaries and support for the institution."

Donations from the annual campaign are matched by the Government of Alberta's Access to the Future Fund.

"Students have always been at the centre of what we do and this milestone demonstrates the continued commitment of U of L employees to enhancing the student experience and creating opportunities," says University of Lethbridge President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Bill Cade.

The announcement is particularly encouraging given the current economic challenges.

"This is a tough year, but now more than ever, students need our help," says Wood. "We are very proud of the $1 million dollar milestone, but we hope that this is just the beginning."

For more information on how you can make a difference in the lives of students, or to donate visit the Supporting Our Students website.

Watch the May edition of the Legend for a full interview with Sandul and Wood, the co-chairs of this year's campaign, where they will discuss their goals for the 2010 campaign.