Students' Union contributes to greater community

University of Lethbridge Students' Union Executive Council enhanced its painting skills last month, all the while working on team building, learning a bit about each other and even themselves – through volunteering for Project Paintbrush.

Working with Volunteer Lethbridge and Project Paintbrush, the ULSU Executive Council laboured to fix up homes for those who are not able. Specifically, the four council members grabbed brushes and aided in painting the exterior of a local home.

"Lethbridge supports its students and it is important for students to support Lethbridge too," says Taz Kassam, ULSU president. "Making positive changes through volunteering in the community provides for greater experiences and opportunities for all."

The dedicated group looks to shed some much-needed light on the great work these two organizations undertake.

"By taking part in this project, we hope to not only spark knowledge of Project Paintbrush and Volunteer Lethbridge, but also showcase the impact volunteering has on individuals and the community," says Kassam.

Project Paintbrush focuses on assisting seniors and individuals with special needs who are physically and/or financially unable to maintain the exterior of their property. There is no cost to the homeowner and the program operation is based solely on volunteers.

Kassam wants to encourage youth to engage philanthropic pursuits that unquestionably impact so many people.

"Seeing the faces of those who you've helped is one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had," says Kassam. "At the end of the day, we can look back and realize that we made a difference, and the families are more than grateful for the help from Volunteer Lethbridge and Project Paintbrush."

The project also benefited the SU team.

"It was not only a lot of fun and helped out a family in need, but it was a great way to strengthen our relationship with one another," says Kassam.

The ULSU Executive Council extends its thanks to all those who have been involved throughout the summer on these volunteer projects.

Abby Groenenboom is the communications co-ordinator for the Students' Union