Students earn Beny awards

Katie Bruce, Amy Reber and Allison Crop Eared Wolf are the winners of the 2010-11 Roloff Beny Photographic Awards in Fine Arts.

The Roloff Beny Foundation Photographic Awards in the Fine Arts are intended to provide outstanding students with an opportunity for travel in relation to their photographic activity. Any new or continuing students enrolled full-time in any BFA degree program who have a focused interest in Photo-Arts are eligible to apply for this competitive award.

Due to the high quality of applications, three scholarships of $3,333 each are being awarded this year. Following are short synopses of each winner's proposal.

Roloff Beny award winners
The 2010 Roloff Beny Award winners are (L to R) Allison Crop Eared Wolf, Amy Reber and Katie Bruce.

Amy Reber (third year)

Continuing her self-professed "obsession with human communication and connectivity," Amy has planned a project in New York City whereby she will extensively record her interactions with 14 people in the city. This project will culminate in a publication incorporating photographs and the artist's writing, documenting the conversations verbatim along with a more confessional piece elucidating the affect of these meetings.

Allison Crop Eared Wolf (fourth year)

Allison will use her award to travel through First Nations territories during the summer season of cultural celebrations. She will use photography as a tool to challenge stereotypes of the "romanticized, dead or drunken Indians." Allison believes that photography is a medium that can reveal the true identities of the First Peoples and "create dialogue, awareness and knowledge of our contemporary selves."

Katie Bruce (fourth year)

Travel and isolation is the foundation of Katie's proposal. Her two-part project involves recording her experiences with photography and journal entries during a trip through Ireland, Scotland, England, France and Italy. She will stay in one place only as long as it takes to make a connection with the next train and expose one roll of colour film. The second part of the project is to choose a location with which she is completely unfamiliar to create a contemplative space where she can produce a work with the accumulated images from her whirlwind tour.

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