SOS campaign launch Thursday

It has been just over four years since the establishment of The University of Lethbridge's annual Supporting Our Students (SOS) campaign. In that time, a multitude of student scholarships and bursaries has been created, all thanks to the generosity of U of L faculty and staff, both past and present, as well as alumni.

Thursday, the 2009 Supporting Our Students campaign is to be launched at a lunch event at the 5th Floor Performance Theatre Foyer. The event begins at noon with a 12:15 p.m. program officially launching the 2009 campaign.

Every year, more U of L faculty and staff, both past and present, are stepping forward and contributing to Supporting Our Students.

Supporting Our Students is one of the ways the U of L family continues to make a difference in the lives of students. The annual fundraising campaign allows for the creation of several scholarships and bursaries. In turn, this provides greater educational opportunities for students. In 2007 alone, 253 members of the University community collectively gave more than $157,000 to support students.

U of L faculty and staff members are crucial to the success of Supporting Our Students. Their support makes a powerful statement to the community and to U of L students because it demonstrates a strong commitment to the University.

Alumni also play a special part in the campaign. Contributing to the campaign is their way to show their gratitude and play a part in making sure that today's students are given the same educational opportunities that were available to them.

The Supporting Our Students initiative began in February 2005 and was created to target specific student needs. Donations go directly towards supporting scholarships and bursaries or can be directed towards any area a donor personally values.

For more information about Supporting Our Students, check out the SOS website or attend Thursday's 2009 campaign launch at noon at the 5th Floor Performance Theatre Foyer.