Scholarship gifts help shape the future

Eva Gorny knows that a university education will ensure she reaches her full potential, allowing her to maximize her contribution to society.

In her final year of a Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Lethbridge, Eva recognizes the importance of student engagement both inside and outside the classroom. She is committed to her studies but maintains there's more to the student experience than going to class and writing exams.

"My time at the U of L has been about so much more than just taking classes and working toward a degree," says Eva, who works closely with various student groups including the U of L Students' Union General Assembly and the U of L Rotaract Club, just to name a few. She strongly believes these experiences have enriched her education.

"I've really immersed myself in campus life," says Eva, who admits she's always had a passion for community service. "As a student here, I'm proud to be a part of such a stro

ng community. Working with the different service clubs and volunteering my time to University causes have allowed me to give back to the community here on campus – one that gives me so much."

Her commitment to giving back has not gone unnoticed. Last year, Eva was the recipient of the John Gill Memorial Award, which recognizes student leadership and community engagement, qualities very near and dear to Eva's heart.

"Scholarships help provide a well-rounded university exp

erience, allowing students to focus on academics as well as opportunities outside the classroom," says Eva, who says awards like this one allow students to pursue opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach, simply because of limited financial means. "I am truly humbled to be the recipient of the John Gill Memorial Award."

For Eva, this is just the beginning. While she looks forward to teaching, she is committed to continuing to serve the communities to which she belongs.

"I look forward to taking the knowledge and skills I learned as a student and using them to continue serving my community," says Eva, proving that supporting students has impact beyond our campus.

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