Say it with a card; Students encouraged to give thanks to donors

For women’s soccer team members, Erica Augsten and Lindsay Amatto, taking time to say thank you to those you help them perform on the pitch and in the classroom is time well spent.

Academic All Canadian, Erica Augsten says thanks to scholarship donors with a card.

“Knowing that if I put the work in academically and on the field, I can be the recipient of some much-needed scholarships, it really pushes me to do better, “ says Academic All Canadian, Erica. “I am so thankful to anyone who gives even a small amount towards student scholarships because it really does make a difference. Every minute I’m able to spend in the library or in the gym, is one more minute I’m able to spend focusing on my future.”

“Getting the opportunity to say thank you to donors is a really wonderful gift,” says Lindsay. “These are people I may never get to thank in person and they’ve made a considerable difference to my education. If I can write them a card letting them know how grateful I am for what they’ve done for me, it’s the least I can do.”

Director of Development, Barry Knapp says the most impactful communication that award donors receive from the University on an annual basis is a thank you card from the student recipient of their award.

“We simply do not receive enough cards back from students for mailing to our donors because the participation rate is below where we think it should be,” says Barry. “We want to dramatically increase the student participation rate in this very important t act of stewardship.”

To help boost student participation rates in the thank you card process, blank thank you cards are made available to all students and the mailing cost is covered by University Advancement, along with the number of locations across campus where the thank you cards can be picked up.

Thank you cards are now available in the following locations: University Advancement (A735 U-Hall), inside the lobby of the Pronghorn Athletics office (PE 209), Graduate Studies office just off the U-Hall atrium, University Library (General Services Desk), and in the Student Awards office (AH115).

Completed cards can be dropped off at any one of these locations.