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Red Nose Rides Again Dec. 3 - 5 This Week

More than 70 people got home safely last week thanks to Operation Red Nose.

It's the 15th season for Operation Red Nose at the University of Lethbridge and the demand for their services continues to be on the upswing. That's good news for Pronghorn Athletics, who both administers and then reaps the benefits of the annual designated driving program.

"All of the money we get in from tips goes directly back to our teams and there are a number of different ways they use that money," says Sandy Slavin, executive director, Sport and Recreation Services. "Whether it's going on a training camp, supplementing their meal allowances, used for an exhibition tournament or getting extra gear for their players, it's all very beneficial."

Created in 1984 in Quebec City, the program offers holiday revelers the opportunity to be driven home in their own vehicles, free of charge. It has become a holiday tradition, both for the volunteers who work the program and the many people in southern Alberta who use its services. To get service call 403-320-4155.

Operation Red Nose runs each Thursday through Saturday night to Dec. 19. It then runs again on New Year's Eve. Volunteers wishing to take part in the program can e-mail Sandy Slavin at or call Pronghorn Athletics at 403-329-2681.

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