Parking lot, Quad projects seek feedback

The University of Lethbridge is embarking on two major projects this summer, both of which will enhance the campus environmentally and aesthetically.

The Parking Lot Redevelopment project features the introduction of landscaping features, such as bioswales and windbreaks, to lots on the western side of campus, namely those near Anderson Hall and the 1st Choice Savings Centre. The redevelopment will address traffic flow, pedestrian flow and storm water management issues. One of the driving forces behind this initiative is to improve the area's storm water management techniques to prevent further occurrences of the July 1, 2008 flooding episode at 1st Choice Savings Centre.

A number of options have been created for how to redevelop the area and the public is encouraged to leave its feedback on what options would best suit the University's needs. Currently, the University's Facebook Fan Page has links to renderings of the redevelopment options. Click here for more about this project.

The University Quad project is the creation of a public greenspace north of the new Markin Hall building and east of Anderson Hall. This area will be developed into one of the most visible expressions of what the University community is to students, staff and campus visitors, featuring a park, sculptures, public benches and other amenities. Follow this link for a backgrounder on the project and its goals, as well as links to renderings of various concepts of design.

Everyone is invited to leave feedback on the options presented. As well, the University will host a public information session, Apr. 27-29, on the second level of the 1st Choice Savings Centre. Here, all the concepts will be displayed on poster board and representatives from Facilities will be available to answer questions.