Official launch of new DAA program

The role of audio across all media has experienced monumental change from traditional broadcast media of the past. With worldwide Internet usage reaching upwards of 160 terabytes of information per second and innovative digital devices being introduced daily, the culture of audio and visual media continues to grow and evolve.

"We are living in times of exponential change," says Dr. Rolf Boon, a Digital Audio Arts faculty in the Department of Music, and director of the Audio Research Lab at the University of Lethbridge. "Without a doubt, future demands in communications and information technologies will experience unmitigated growth."

In response to globally expanding communication environments, coupled with interest from students, industry, and the public, the University of Lethbridge has implemented a new Bachelor of Music degree program in Digital Audio Arts (DAA). It is officially being launched Friday (11 a.m., room W700) in the University Centre for the Arts.

"This program responds to the increasing demand for expertise in advanced audio technologies as well as yet undefined media interfaces and artistic possibilities," says Boon.

Commencing in September 2009, the Digital Audio Arts program will be unique to Western Canada as the only undergraduate degree program of its kind.

"Building on the U of L's highly successful Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media, this innovative degree major will produce graduates who are experts in music technology and whose skills integrate with visual media, audio, and advanced research, matching the needs of industry today and into the future," says Boon.

The Bachelor of Music in Digital Audio Arts is a demanding degree major that combines academic courses with rigorous hands-on training for careers in the digital arts such as: audio production, composition (film and electronic), sound engineering, advanced audio synthesis, multi-media sound design, software design for music applications, sonic art, technology in education and the potential for graduate research in the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences.

Digital Audio Arts majors have the opportunity to apply their production skills to enhance the studies and artistic experiences of students in music performance, video, film, and digital animation streams at the U of L.

Students who earn a Bachelor of Music in Digital Audio Arts will graduate with a distinctive degree and a professional level portfolio for presentation to graduate schools and prospective industry employers.