Campus Life

New academic year, new parking rules come into effect

Drivers will notice a few changes as they make their way to campus this fall at the University of Lethbridge, including new technology, changes in fee and fine schedules, more accessible stalls and a new parking website.

Some of the changes have come about due to construction of the University’s Destination Project, which has eliminated Lots K and L and put an emphasis on enforcement of the parking restrictions in Lot J. Commonly referred to as the “Level 4 or theatre entrance”, Lot J’s regulations will be strictly enforced, with only service vehicles allowed access to the area. Because of the elimination of Lot L, emergency vehicles can now only reach University Hall through Lot J, meaning it must be accessible at all times. Parking Services has also increased the availability of accessible stalls at this entrance to accommodate an increase in demand for access to University Hall and the University Centre for the Arts from users with mobility restrictions.

A variety of Pay & Park changes have also been implemented this fall. They are as follows:

-Lot N pay and park is now limited to the north end of the lot only

- Lot G pay and park dispensers now located on the south side of the lot and an additional dispenser has been added to just inside the south doors of 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness)

- Lot H pay and park is 1-hour maximum, until after 5 p.m. when the time limit is lifted, allowing users of this area to pay and park until 12 a.m.

- Lot C pay and park time limit has been extended up to 4 hours maximum

- Lot M is now strictly permit parking only, no pay and park use will be permitted in this lot

- Lot Q (Stadium), is now available for pay-by-phone users and is limited to the gravelled parking area (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) This parking lot will not be in use during organized sporting events at the stadium

All Pay & Park stalls now offer drivers the opportunity to pay by phone using the Honk Mobile app. Check out this story on the introduction of Honk Mobile for more information.

A new parking website has also been developed and can be found at This new website allows users the ability to submit parking citation appeals online. A new fee schedule, as set by the City of Lethbridge, has also been established for parking fines, increasing the fine to $50 ($35 with early payment).

Contact Al Hill ( for more information on any of these changes.


Why do I have to pay for parking when I already pay tuition or I work here?

Parking services are not and cannot be funded through tuition revenues. Parking is a full cost recovery operation that is responsible for paving, sidewalks, signage and lighting on campus, to name a few.

How do I apply for a parking permit?

Students, faculty and staff may apply for a parking permit purchase online via The Bridge or in person at the Cash Office in Anderson Hall. As parking stalls are a finite resource, permits do sell out fast and users are recommended to subscribe to the parking permit waitlist.

How do I apply for an “Accessible” permit?

Contact Parking Services at and request an accessible permit application form. Applicants are required to provide evidence of a provincially issued placard.

Where is the cheapest place to park?

The most affordable permit lots are at Lot M and N. The cheapest pay & park facilities are located at the North end of Lot N at $1.50p/h and the gravel lot at the stadium at $4 for the day (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). All pay and park lots operate on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Can I sell my parking permit?

Permits are the property of the University and as such must be returned when no longer in use.  Permits cannot be resold or transferred.

Where do I pay for my parking ticket?

Tickets are a City of Lethbridge ticket issued under bylaw #5834. Payment options are noted on the back of all citations.