Morris earns research honour

He's considered an authority on two extremely complex areas of mathematics and penned a reference book that is expected to become a classic of its type.

Dr. Dave Witte Morris is a world-class mathematician with an impressive list of research articles and citations to his credit. He's also the winner of the University of Lethbridge's Ingrid Speaker Medal for Distinguished Research, Scholarship, or Performance.

Morris works in Lie groups and graph theory, two important and very difficult areas of mathematics. His findings have had profound impacts, most notably in the manner in which he has discovered new, greatly simplified proofs of Ratner's Theory. He is also renowned for his work related to the Superrigidity Theorem.

With more than 200 citations in Math Sci Net to his credit, several of his results have been described by his colleagues as "profound contributions" to the study of mathematics.

Morris has written about 70 research articles and three books. His articles routinely appear in such elite journals as the American Journal of Mathematics, International Mathematics Research Notices and Inventiones Mathematicae.
His book, Ratner's Theorems on Unipotent Flows, is a widely cited reference and expected to become a classic in its genre. It was published as part of the prestigious Chicago Lectures in Mathematics Series.

Another of his books, Introduction to Arithmetic Groups, has become the standard text in the field.

Morris's tremendous breadth of knowledge, deep technical work and creativity and insight are an inspiration to his colleagues and students.

Morris will receive the Ingrid Speaker Medal at the Fall Convocation ceremony, which takes place Oct. 16, 2010.