Campus Life

More options available at U of L fitness centre

Fitness classes are an integral part of any fitness centre, and the classes at the University of Lethbridge are no exception.

Currently there are over 30 fitness programs that are offered through Sport & Recreation Services, and the demand for more continues to grow. Classes currently offered range from Athletic Boot Camp to Goddess Appeal to Pilaga and Yoga. Most of the fitness classes offered by Sport & Recreation Services are registration based due to space availability and popularity and require a fee.

When I first started as fitness centre supervisor at the University of Lethbridge, there were only five drop-in fitness classes available. After getting settled, and reviewing all that we were offering, it was clear we needed more. The demand was there and we had the resources to add to our schedule. The only question was did we have the space?

When planning for new programs, I take into consideration two key factors – space availability and instructor availability. The 1st Choice Saving Centre for Sport & Wellness is a busy facility filled with many different programs, and finding the space to run new programs is often a challenge. Luckily there were some options, and more drop-in classes have been added to the winter session.

We now offer 10 regular drop-in classes that are available to all members. These classes are now offered daily throughout the workweek, both in the morning and at noon. This allows more options for both students, staff and faculty members of the University of Lethbridge.

Along with increasing the number of drop-in classes, we have also added additional registration programs – including a Fit & Flex Stretch class and a Fit-4-Two Prenatal Fitness class.

The fitness industry is constantly developing and changing, and I will continue to research current demands so that we can continue to offer top quality programs for our members.

Paula McDonald is the fitness centre supervisor