Let's DO Science Day, Apr. 30

University of Lethbridge graduate students will share their passion for science with local high school students by organizing an event that provides hands-on experience in seven different science disciplines.

The all-day Let's DO Science initiative, held at the U of L, will not only provide for a fun and interactive experience for enthusiastic students, but the organizers say it will also inspire them to consider careers in science after graduating from high school.

"This is an excellent opportunity to inspire high school students for science and to showcase the U of L to the next generation of students and to further tighten the relationship between our University and the Lethbridge community," says Dr. Ute Kothe, a chemistry and biochemistry researcher who supervises the program with more than 20 undergraduate and graduate student volunteers. "Our U of L graduate students really shine in this event. Their passion for science and research is infectious."

Participants will engage in hands-on activities exposing them to science problems and procedures that challenge their scientific knowledge. Students will have a chance to analyze the true colours of Skittles in chemistry, learn about neurons and how the brain functions in neuroscience and design a helmet to protect a marshmallow "brain" in kinesiology.

At the end of the day, students will be awarded prizes for their achievements and will hear a presentation from Dr. Joseph Rasmussen, the Canada Research Council Chair in Aquatic Ecoystems and professor at the University of Lethbridge.

U of L President Dr. Mike Mahon says the event is consistent with the many endeavours the institution undertakes to bridge high school and university experiences.

"This event is one of the ways the U of L makes science accessible to high school students. It also allows students to have a university experience while they are still in high school," says Mahon. "The U of L has a responsibility to inspire students at a younger age to consider university as an option when they graduate and we are able to do this through initiatives like this."

The host U of L graduate students are volunteers for the Let's Talk Science Outreach program - an award-winning, national, non-profit, science outreach organization.