Campus Life

Illness Registry to close over break

The University of Lethbridge will shut down its H1N1 Illness Registry throughout the Christmas break, beginning Friday, Dec. 11, the final day of classes for the fall semester.

The registry was introduced just prior to the height of illness cases related to the H1N1 virus and proved to be a valuable tool for the University.

Beginning Friday, Dec. 11, the Illness Registry will be closed until classes resume in January.

If people become ill for the period Dec. 11 to Jan. 6, 2010, they are asked to inform their supervisors and use the appropriate month-end reporting mechanism for their illness time.

Students who become ill between Dec. 11 and Jan. 6, 2010 will be asked to communicate with the appropriate advising office in regards to missed examinations and to provide an illness note from a medical practitioner.

Students who signed into the Illness Registry during the week prior to its closure, will not be required to provide medical notes for the seven days of illness after signing into the Registry. However, they will be asked to contact their academic advising offices regarding the completion of course requirements.