Graduate student research award winners

Following are the 2010 Student Research Awards for graduate students. Please note that some awards might not be listed because the granting agency has not yet given the University permission to publicly release the information.


(Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council)

Kent Aardse, English (literature, American – literary movements) $17,500
Jeffrey Doherty, Arts & Science (environmental history) $17,500
Deanna Forrester, Psychology & Neuroscience (sexology) $17,500
Michael Frank, Native American Studies (interdisciplinary studies) $17,500
Lindsey Garner-Knapp, Anthropology (interdisciplinary studies) $17,500
Vanessa Hanel, Management (marketing) $17,500
Ainslee Kimmel, Education (psychology) $17,500
Danille Lazzaretto-Green, Education (counselling) $17,500
Kasey-Leigh Martin, Management (management-business-administrative Studies) $17,500
Michelle Morris, History (natural resources geography) $17,500
Patrick O'Sullivan, Management (business ethics) $17,500
Kelly Pasolli, Political Science (political science) $17,500
James Stanger, Anthropology (cultural anthropology) $17,500
Lorraine Nicol, Geography (resource management) $35,000 (3 years)

(Alberta Ingenuity Fund)

Chad Laing, Chemistry & Biochemistry (molecular biology) $7,000 (3 years)
Cassandra Churchill, Chemistry & Biochemistry (physical chemistry) $7,000
Kimberley Dohm, Biological Sciences (biological sciences) $26,000 (3 years)

(Alberta Innovates: Health Solutions)

Jenni Karl, Neuroscience (neuroscience) $20,000
Daniela Schwindel, Neuroscience (neuroscience) $20,000
Fraser Sparks, Neuroscience (neuroscience) $20,000

(Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada)

Jessica Erickson, Biological Sciences (genetics)
Andrew Hudson, Biological sciences (molecular biology) $17,500
Cassandra Churchill, Chemistry & Biochemistry (physical chemistry) $25,000
Benjamin Ireland, Chemistry & Biochemistry (inorganic chemistry) $35,000 (3 years)
Chad Laing, Chemistry & Biochemistry (molecular biology) $21,000 (3 years)
Evan Mercier, Chemistry & Biochemistry (biochemistry) $35,000 (2 years)
Jennifer Przybylski, Chemistry & Biochemistry (physical chemistry) $21,000 (3 years)
Anthony Schmieder, Mathematics & Computer Science (information technology) $17,500
Mark Thom, Mathematics & Computer Science (pure mathematics) $17,500
Gregory Christie, Neuroscience (cognitive science, fundamental) $17,500 (3 years)
Erin Zelinski, Neuroscience (neurophysiology) $21,000 (3 years)
April Dawn Takahashi, Psychology (psychology) $17,500


Will Warnock


Cassandra Churchill, Chemistry & Biochemistry (physical chemistry) $15,000
Linda Lait, Biological Sciences (biological sciences) $15,000
Sandeep Mishra, Evolution & Behaviour (evolution and behaviour) $20,000
Douglas Vanderlaan, Evolution & Behaviour (evolution and behaviour) $20,000