Campus Life

At the Gallery

Walking through the Helen Christou Gallery you come face-to-face with unique portraiture, which is the focus of Head Shots, an exhibition on now through Oct. 23.

"Portraiture is the recurring theme of the U of L Art Collection," says exhibition curator, Jane Edmundson. "As long as artists have been making art, portraits have continued to be relevant."

From traditional to eccentric, the exhibit showcases a wide interpretation of faces.

"People are naturally drawn to pictures of people, from celebrities to strangers, and sometimes portraits of strangers can be more interesting to look at," Edmundson says.

Head Shots also features a local celebrity, prominently displayed and impossible to miss: The Milk Maid.

"The Milk Maid is a retro commercial sign, rescued from obscurity and loaned by a private collector," Edmundson adds. "She's an authentic 1950's advertisement, which has been displayed at the Trianon Gallery and at the Tongue 'n Groove."

Keep an eye out for this intriguing exhibition.