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Fast food frenzy

If you're eating fast food more than a couple times a month, boost your nutrition with these tips to beat the fast food frenzy.

Bank on Breakfast

No matter how little time you have in the morning, always eat breakfast. Even if it isn't the ideal breakfast, it will help you avoid buying a fast food breakfast or mid-morning pastry. Grab-and-go ideas for a quick breakfast include: a homemade smoothie in a travel mug, an apple or banana, or packing a spoon with a yogurt to eat when you get to school or work.

Plan to Eat

Pack healthy foods the night before. Fresh, canned or dried fruit, veggie sticks, low fat cookies such as Fig Newtons, or low fat crackers such as Stoned Wheat Thins with a cheese string or yogurt, are quick and satisfying snacks. They'll provide you with staying power compared to high-sugar snacks that leave you hungry and wanting more.

Skip the Fast Food – Choose Sandwiches

Subs and wraps (select whole grain) loaded with extra lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions and cucumbers are a healthy choice. You can also add a lean protein, such as hummus, chicken, turkey, ham or roast beef, for better aofppetite control. Go easy on the mayo or special sauces to keep your calorie count down. Either purchased or homemade, these sandwiches are delicious and quick to eat.

Beat the Lunch Box Blues

Purchase different foods each time you shop to boost your lunch bag variety. Try different types of grains, protein choices, vegetables and fruit each week. Variety in a lunch packed from home keeps you from being tempted to purchase lunch items from a restaurant or vending machine. Variety is the spice of life!

For an individual nutrition appointment, call the Health Centre (SU020) at 403-329-2484. Hour sessions are $40 for U of L students and employees.

Diane Britton is the registered dietitian for the University of Lethbridge

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