Campus Life

East Patio closed for renovation

The east side of University Hall is now closed as a major renovation of the patio, stair and sidewalk areas has begun.

During construction there will be no access permitted to the east side of University Hall. The south and north patios on Level 6 will be accessible. Pedestrian access will be provided at the north end of University Hall on Level 6. Vehicle access to Level 6 will be restricted to emergency and construction traffic only. Valley Road will be closed at the entrance to lot K (North lot), beginning on Apr. 29.

The early phases of this project will include the construction of an access road, from Level 6 to the breezeway level to allow access for the large construction equipment. The roadway will be located along the east side of University Hall and will follow the approximate alignment of the access road used during the original construction of this building.

Following construction of the roadway, the project will move into the demolition phase. During this activity, there will be noise, dust and vibrations from the large equipment required for this operation. It is anticipated that demolition work will be completed near the end of May.

Additional notices will be posted to advise of progress and upcoming activities.