Dr. Nancy Edwards to receive U of L Honorary Degree

The University of Lethbridge is pleased to announce the second of its 2016 Honorary Degree recipients – esteemed nursing educator Dr. Nancy Edwards.

“Dr. Edwards has had a remarkable career and made an incredible impact on public health policy at the local, national and international levels,” says U of L Chancellor Janice Varzari. “She remains committed to education, is an outstanding mentor to young Canadian researchers, and we’re very excited she has accepted our offer of an honorary degree.”

An esteemed nursing educator, Dr. Nancy Edwards is considered to be an outstanding mentor to young Canadian researchers.

The University will present Dr. Edwards with the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, at the Spring 2016 Convocation II Ceremony on June 2, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. in the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport and Wellness.

Dr. Nancy Edwards

A full professor at the University of Ottawa and Scientific Director at the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Dr. Nancy Edwards began her career as a staff nurse in pediatric and emergency nursing.

Edwards is renowned as a creative and innovative big-picture thinker whose efforts to build bridges and create connections have supported communities both near and far. Her innovative studies have focused on health issues that include preventing falls among seniors, maternal and child health care, heart health, tobacco cessation and HIV/AIDS.

Her expertise in policy design and implementation is respected worldwide and she is currently co-leading a study examining the role of nurses in policy for HIV and AIDS in Jamaica, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

Her role as a mentor to young Canadian researchers is unparalleled, and the impact she has had on public health, while managing to support and inspire the next generation of health care providers, clearly separates Edwards as one of Canada’s most important contributors to global health teaching and research.