Chillin' for a cause

They are courageous, costumed – and some might say just a tad crazy – and are casting themselves into a chilly pool of water for a very good cause.

The JDC West team's 6th Annual Chillin'4Charity fundraiser to support the United Way launches Friday, Nov. 5, on the south patio of the Students' Union Building, near the Aperture Drive transit loop. More than 70 people typically participate in the strangely popular event, which begins this year at 11 a.m. and continues until 3 p.m.

This year the featured jumpers include new U of L President Mike Mahon, who will make his inaugural dip into the ice cube-filled pool along with students and other community members.

The funds raised by the U of L's JDC West team not only support the United Way, but help to place the team in contention for a charity event management award at their upcoming conference. Last year the team raised more than $15,000 and a similar goal is in place for this year.

Chillin'4Charity originated at the U of L and is one of the more recognized student-run charity events to take place on campus. The concept has been successfully replicated at numerous universities across Western Canada.

The United Way supports a network of community programs and services delivered by many registered charities, by providing both financial and non-financial support. They strive to form positive relationships with charitable organizations, private and government funded, business, corporations and the health sector just to name a few.