Special Projects


As part of the PE Building renovation project, new benches were installed along with "info booths" throughout the Regional Aquatic Centre and PE Building. But these aren't just ordinary benches, they're made from the salvaged wood from the old hand rails that used to adorn the wall along the Max Bell pool corridor and PE stairwell.

The benches are a sustainable initiative of the Facilities’ Project Management Office that recovered the wood during building renovations.

Recylced wood from the old gym bleachers was also used to create benches that are in the main change rooms of the Centre for Sport and Wellness.

Stormwater Management

In addition to paving new lots and mounting new lighting and vehicle plug-ins, the Parking Lot Redevelopment Project includes the installation of a storm water management and drainage system.

The first half of the two-year project was completed earlier this fall. The redesign improves storm water management by collecting rain water into landscaped bioswales which aids in removing sediments prior to the water being released into the storm sewer system and into the river.

Additional landscaping including several varieties of grasses, plants, shrubs and trees will provide a visually pleasing atmosphere, but more importantly it will deliver wind abatement for buildings and pedestrians.

This project was recently recognized by the City of Lethbridge for its environmentally friendly and sustainable design with a City Green List Award.


The Caretaking department collects and composts approximately 800 gallons of material per month. The material is taken to a compost pile on the south end of campus where is it broken down until ready for use by the Grounds department that uses the finished product for various projects across campus

The intiative earned a City of Lethbridge City Green List Award in 2011.