The University of Lethbridge is dedicated to recycling a wide variety of materials including paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, batteries, electronics, fluorescent light tubes, yard and construction waste.

In 2011, we recycled 72.95 metric tons (72,000 kg) of paper and cardboard. Approximately 25.5 per cent of collected waste was diverted from landfills!

Close to 7,000 kg of electronic waste was also collected in 2011. Since the e-waste program started in 2001, more than 59,000 kg of e-waste has been recycled.

Composting is also available on campus. Food waste is collected by Caretaking staff that transports the material to a compost pile on the south end of campus. The Grounds department then uses the finished product for various projects.

Details on the recycling program at U of L can be found here.